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How is a bad guy made?

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The waiter did not dare to neglect and gave each of them a card. Smiling to the sky, he picked it up and looked at it. With a sound of his fingers, his men understood what he meant. Two waiters immediately came over, carrying trays in their hands, full of large chips. Xiang Tianxiao picked up five hundred thousand yuan of chips and threw them on the table. Xie Wendong lifted his own card, which was a plum blossom eight. Xie Wendong put the card on the table and sighed: "This card is not big or small. It really makes me embarrassed." Then he turned his head and asked the girl next to him with a smile, "Do you think I should follow him?" Girl one Leng, did not expect Xie Wendong to ask himself, nervous way: "I, I do not know, I think, can win it." She is also a blind guess, see Xie Wendong play for so long, found that he seems to rarely lose. Xie Wendong ran his finger across her face, threw out half a million chips, and said to the girl, "Clever!"! The money you win this time is yours! Xiang Tian laughed and asked, "I wonder where your confidence comes from. How do you know you will win?" Xie Wendong did not answer, but said indifferently, "Open your cards!" Xiang Tianxiao stared at his face for a long time before he turned over the cards in his hand and said helplessly, "I lost!" It turned out that the card in his hand was a square seven,aluminum tile edge trim, just like Xie Wendong's small level. Xie Wendong put away the chips with a smile, took out five pieces and put them in front of the girl. "For you," he said with a smile. "I, I," the girl was so nervous that she didn't dare to accept it, and her eyes unconsciously passed it to the opposite side with a smile. As soon as Xie Wendong knocked on the chip, he said, "You are sitting next to me now. You can take what I give you without worrying. You don't have to look at anyone's face. Brother Xiang,tile profile factory, don't you think so?" Smiling to the sky, he raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "That's right!"! Brother Xie is right! Xie Wendong looked up with a long laugh. The waiter began to deal the cards again. This time Xie Wendong bet first, but without looking at the cards in his hand, he pushed all his chips out and said, "This is probably no less than 40 million in total, and I'm pressing all of them!" Xiang Tianxiao put away his smile and said calmly, "Brother Xie, this is not how things are done. If you don't leave yourself a way out, as long as you lose once, you will be beyond redemption." Xie Wendong's face is harmless, or smiling, originally his appearance is very comely, this smile slender eyes narrowed into a slit, like a child who stole candy and did not let adults find out. Who cares about a child? Xiang Tianxiao is very concerned about him now! People who have not collided with Xie Wendong will not understand his horror at all, aluminium edge trim ,stainless tile trim, nor will they feel his gloom, the gloom that can hit you hard in the depths of your heart. He seems to be able to see the deepest secret of your heart at any time, but you can never get close to his heart. Xie Wendong smiled like two crescent moons and said, "I have an intuition, which is very accurate!"! I know I will win this time. Xiang Tianxiao raised his card to Xie Wendong, the king of spades, and said, "There are only four cards bigger than mine. Do you believe your luck will be so good?" Xie Wendong shrugged his shoulders and said, "My luck has always been good. God has always favored me. That's why I'm alive now.". Since I have the courage to fight, you won't have the courage to try, will you? Xiang Tian said with a smile, "In that case, I won't stand on ceremony." Finish saying, looked at the chip that the clerk holds, way: "I do not have the capital of 40 million here." Xie Wendong looked around the casino and sighed, "The layout here is really good. Who would have thought that there would be such a large-scale casino hidden in a luxurious hotel?"? I think this place is worth 40 million. Why don't you bet me on this hotel? The people in the casino had already stopped their fun and surrounded them. After listening to Xie Wendong's words, everyone's face changed, feeling that he had gone too far. Xiang Tianxiao's men, not to mention, all with an angry look on their faces, if their eyes can kill people, I'm afraid Xie Wendong has already created a thousand holes, no less than a hundred holes.
Xiang Tianxiao's heart was burning, but the pressure did not break out. With a smile on his face, he said gracefully, "Good!"! Very good! I'll take a bet with you on the property rights of the'water world '. He waved to his men, a big fellow came to his side, smiled and whispered a few words to the sky, the big fellow nodded away. After a while, he came back with a stack of white paper and handed it to Xiang Tianxiao. The latter puts paper on the table, sneer at a way: "This is the title deed of guesthouse and property right, have ability, you can be taken away!" Xie Wendong sighed, stood up and said, "I feel the light here is a little dim. I'll open a window there in the future. What do you say, Lao Lei?" Xie Wendong pointed to a wall, as if the hotel was now his. East heart thunder is looking at the look that looks like killing people all around, in the heart a burst of tremor, wipe cold sweat, deal with a way: "Not bad!"! Pretty good "You're going too far!" A big fellow roared and rushed to Xie Wendong. The big fellow has not yet to Xie Wendong near, has been more than a dozen guns at the head. As soon as Xie Wendong's men flashed their guns, Xiang Tianxiao's men hurriedly pulled out their guns. The two sides glared at each other, and the scuffle was imminent. Xie Wendong waved his hand and said steadily, "What are you doing? It's too impolite. Don't forget that we are guests. No matter how impolite the host is, we have to be patient and put the gun away." Xiang Tianxiao turned red and said angrily, "Red Imp, come back!" The big fellow, who was called the Red Imp,aluminum tile trim, glared at Xie Wendong and retreated behind Xiang Tianxiao. I'll bet you! Xiang Tianxiao pushed the white paper forward and said, "Brother Xie, I forgot to tell you that my luck has always been very good." 。


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