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Why Choose an Integrated Fridge Freezer American?

The integrated fridge freezers are placed inside cabinets in the kitchen to blend with your decor, which can be a big draw for those who are concerned about large appliances that stand out. Installing them can be more complicated, as you'll need to leave the right gap between your cabinets and put in bridging or cabinets that fill the space above.

integrated-built-in-fridge-freezer-frostExtra large than average storage space

When it comes to storage space, American fridge freezers are famous for their larger capacities than average, on average between 300 & 600 litres. This makes them ideal for large families or for those who enjoy entertaining. There are many internal features that will aid in keeping everything organized like bottle holders, salad crisper drawers, as well as egg racks.

Another benefit of American fridge freezers is that they can fit seamlessly into your kitchen. This is because they are able to be installed as integrated appliances. That means they're concealed behind cabinet doors, Integrated Fridge Freezer American creating a a sleek, stylish finish.

If you decide to go with an integrated model, you will need to measure the exact area in which you want to install your new appliance. This will ensure that the drawers and doors open fully without hitting furniture or creating danger to your safety. It's also advisable to leave an extra few centimetres of space behind the refrigerator for air circulation.

Another option is to buy a freestanding refrigerator. They are typically larger than their integrated fridge/freezer counterparts, so be sure to check that they can fit in the space you have available. Also, consider the energy efficiency of your refrigerator - models with greater energy efficiency ratings tend to be less expensive to run. This is because they consume less electricity.

Energy efficiency

An integrated fridge freezer uk American fridge freezer can blend into your kitchen cabinetry and give your kitchen elegant, fashionable finish. The operating cost will be more expensive as they require more power than freestanding models.

If you're considering this type of fridge freezer, it's important to consider those that have a high energy efficiency rating. These are generally cheaper to run. Compare the kWh figures of the energy label to those of the old model that you might own. You'll save money by switching to a more modern energy efficient model.

This Bosch integrated fridge freezer is among the most energy efficient models that are available. This model from Bosch comes with a number of clever features that can help you to reduce food waste and maintain your refrigerator. This includes shelves called EasyAccess that slide out to allow you to easily get food items, an BigBox compartment for bulky foods like pizza boxes and meat joints and VitaFresh Technology which keeps vegetables and fruits fresher for longer.

There's a wide choice of integrated fridge freezers to choose from. In addition to the ones made by Fisher & Paykel you can create a custom look by incorporating custom doors that complement the kitchen's design to suit your decor.

Freestanding vs. integrated

If you're designing a new kitchen, or you're planning to replace your current fridge freezer American style, it's important to consider whether you want it to be integrated american style fridge freezers or freestanding. Integrated American fridge freezers are designed to be flush with your fitted kitchen appliances, which helps them blend in and appear more 'built-in'.

However integrated models aren't readily available to purchase off the shelf and require a housing cabinet to be installed in. The fridge freezer needs to be fitted with a custom gap that is left between the cabinets and tall end panels on either side of the cabinet, and the appliance will have custom kitchen cupboard doors that can be hung on top (known as a bridge cabinet).

One disadvantage of an integrated model is that it's less easily removed or moved should you wish to move your kitchen. This is due to the space required for the refrigerator's installation and the fact that the refrigerator has been built-into your kitchen cabinets.

Freestanding American refrigerator freezers are an excellent choice for those who don't want the appearance of the flushed look, and want something that is easy to move, is able to be repositioned if needed, doesn't need an enclosure cabinet, and doesn't require removal by a professional.


Integrated fridge freezers are tucked inside a cabinet door that is a match to the kitchen cabinets. This gives them a sleek and simple design. They're great for contemporary homes, where you don't need a lot of kitchen appliances on show. If you want a sleek design, you can choose smaller models to fit into smaller areas.

A lot of models have intelligent features that can simplify your life. The Bosch GSXV91BSAE Bosch, for example features a glass that is clear when not in use and glows blue if you leave it open. It also features innovative innovations like MultiAirFlow that help to keep food fresher for longer. Other useful features include EasyAccess shelves that are pull-out and VarioShelves to help you organize your food items, and long-lasting LED lights.

You might have less space in your cupboard If you opt for an integrated fridge freezer. They are smaller to fit into your cabinet. Some brands offer extra space for taller objects.

If you're looking to save money and energy opt for an integrated model that has A+ energy ratings or higher. It may be more expensive to buy, but it should also cost less to operate in the long run. You can also reduce your energy usage further by looking for an appliance that has a rating of climate class that matches the temperature of your home.html>


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